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The medieval town of Montalcino

The territory

Old and charming town of Etruscan origin, Montalcino is set at the top of a hill about 600 mts above sea level, among holm oaks. This green territory, surrounded by Mount Amiata and the valleys of Orcia, Asso and Ombrone, has a sort of circular shape that can be ideally divided into 4 viticultural sectors, each of them showing differences concerning pedoclimatic characteristics (soil, orientation, microclimate)

The vineyards

Vines actually represent just a small part of the territory, which is particularly suited for Sangiovese growing.
Brunello is produced with grapes selected in each of the four sectors, using the most common technique, the spurred cordon.
The quality of Brunello starts in the vineyards of the winery members, thanks to a watchful job: the pruning, the choice of the shoots, the carefulness towards the plants, the thinning of the bunches.
Each farmer of the cooperative practices a high quality viticulture, by using authorized products: this is important both for the environment conservation (the "countryside book") both for the consumer (traceability).
Practicing high quality agronomics first of all means to care for the plants through the use of light and ventilation, encouraging a natural phytosanitary protection, reducing chemical treatments and soil compression (degrade).